Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to our Foster Moms!

Written by CP's Director of Foster Homes

Note from CP Blogger: This is the perfect day to repost this note honoring our foster moms, the sentiments are timeless . Thanks for all you do!

I want to take this time to say Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful foster moms. I cannot begin to tell you how special each and every one of you are. It is not easy to take a strange dog into your home and yet you wonderful foster moms do this over and over again. You show them love, many for the first time, help them with their fears, show the ones who are out of control who is boss, clean up more pee and poop than you care to think about, take care of a multitude of problems and after all this work, you lovingly pass them off to another home so they have a little Cairn in their life. Please know how appreciated you all are, not only by me but all of Col. Potter. Happy Mom's Day foster moms. May it be as special as each and every one of you are.

(Originally posted 5/8/2010)

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