Saturday, May 1, 2010

Montreal, Calgary and Winnipeg Visit with Friends

Written by Vancouver and her puppies' foster mom

I have moved Vancouver out of the puppy room so the pups can have visits from the other furkids and Vancouver can learn about homes and not having to be a mom anymore. As you will see in the video, the pups are sassy, especially Winnipeg and Calgary...who takes no guff from her bigger brothers. Tootsie was being a good nanny laying next to the expen so the puppies could chew on her, Gabby tells them what she thinks(the aroos in the video) and Gouda is fascinated by the little furballs. He often lays a little ways from the expen and just watches the puppies.

Sometimes it sounds like the pups are in a full blown fight the way they sound with vicious growling. I often go check to make sure no one is really getting killed.

Montreal, Calgary and Winnipeg Visit with Friends

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