Monday, May 3, 2010


Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Hello Everyone:

Today I want to remind you about the wreath raffle that is happening right now. There is one week left for you to buy a ticket for this wreath that was donated to help raise funds to pay for little Crete/Alex's vetting. This is one of ours. We all know about him being lost, probably taken, but none of us know what he has been through, or for that matter what his foster mom has been through. Anyone that has ever lost a dog knows the heartache, the fear of not knowing what was happening to your fur baby, not knowing if your fur baby was laying somewhere injured needing you, or worse yet dying alone. So many of us prayed and cried for him.

Well against all odds our prayers were answered. Our little blind boy with a broken pelvis managed to drag himself home to Robin, the only love he has ever known. Now that he is home safe the longest journey has begun. There are weeks of healing ahead for Crete also known as Alex, none of which would have ever happened if not for Col. Potter. Now is not the time for all of us to breathe a collective sign of relief. Now is the time to step up and show our support to little Crete/Alex and to his wonderful foster mom.

His surgery wasn't free. It cost some big money. We need to step up and help with the costs. What better way then to buy a raffle ticket to help cover the added costs to his stay in Col. Potter's care. Not to mention that his wreath is beautiful and would be a wonderful accent to your home or garden. I know that many of you are thinking "Well, we just had a NLOL raffle. We have all that money. Some of that can be used for Alex's vetting costs. I brought tickets for that." You did, and we all thank you. But I have seen both sides of that coin. I am a Crafter/Fundraiser. I thrill with every dollar brought in.

Yet having The Oz Project I also get to see first hand the dollars going out. Think what it cost you to take in just one of your kids for vetting. I'm talking bringing them up to date on all their shots, checking for heart worm and buying the preventive, cleaning and treating ear infections, treating eye infections, worming, treating for fleas and ticks and then buying preventives, having nails 1 1/2 inches long cut back, having injuries treated, and sometimes hernias fixed, and then when that's all done having your fur kid spayed or neutered. Col. Potter does this cairn after cairn, day after day. How long do you really think that the money from a NLOL raffle really lasts?

How far do you really think those dollars can be stretched? Sadly being a Crafter/Fundraiser and having The Oz Project it didn't take long for me to learn that " We are never dollars ahead but always faces behind" the little faces that are left behind at commercial breeding facilities. Alex's unexpected injury and treatment has taken much needed funds away from those little ones waiting for us to come for them. I've seen so many of those little faces and looked into so many of their little eyes. I've never seen one that I didn't think was worth going the extra mile for. We can do it!

We can cover Alex's vetting costs and put the funds back into saving more lives. So follow this link to buy a ticket for $15.00 or maybe two. For each ticket that you buy your name will be added to the hat(state of the art drawing). You never know you might be the one to win this wreath and even if you don't win you'll still have the fun wondering and waiting to find out if you are the lucky winner.

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