Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bark @ Nay Aug Park

Written by a CP Volunteer

Scranton, PA's first annual Bark @ Nay Aug Park event took place on Saturday, June 5, 2010 and I had the privilege of representing Col. Potter.

There were a good number of vendors and rescues in attendance. Thank you to Puppymill Awareness for their help in putting up our tent. A few sprinkles started the day off, but otherwise the weather was beautiful.

We enjoyed being near the entertainment and even had the head of our local Therapy Dog group (thank you, Barb!) take the microphone and speak on behalf of Col. Potter and cairns, noting their wonderful personalities, of course! CP's Champ, now known as Smudge, was a wonderful ambassador for our cause.

It was truly a group effort and wonderful to see many cairn people from our local area pitch in. A big Thank you to Smudgie's mom, Judy, for being there.

My little sister, Elisabeth (12 y/o), helped in putting together a beautiful display board, taking inventory, packing the items we had for sale and setting up the table.

Col. Potter was able to make contact with several people interested in adopting, a few others who asked about fostering and even meet a couple who had applied to adopt a little cairn boy from another group…we hope we’ll be able to become a resource for them.

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angelscairns said...

I think Smudge is the the cutest thing I've ever seen!