Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Heart of Col. Potter - Please light a candle for JB at the Rainbow Bridge

Written by CP Volunteers and JB's foster mom

JB joined the CP family in January. He was 9 years old and came with only his 4 canines left in his mouth. He was mostly deaf and his vision was poor. He went to a foster home in TX and he was a really, really quiet little guy. He wasn't much on contact with humans, not that he acted scared, rather uninterested. He grew to like being in a home with good food, comfy places to lie down and a nice backyard to potty in and roam around and the company of other dogs.

Unfortunately JB had a stroke or a seizure several days ago. He'd been at the emergency vet ever since getting care 24/7. At first things seemed hopeful but on May 31st, the vet had a different outlook. JB had lost control of his back legs and also of his bowel and bladder. The vet said that JB had very little quality of life and he didn't feel that it would be fair to JB to leave him as he was with little hope of possible recovery. JB's grieving foster mom adopted him so that he went to the Bridge with his own family. Please light your candle for JB and keep his foster mom in your heart.

It's heartbreaking that he only had four months out of a commercial breeding facility but we have to be grateful that he had that much even though it was definitely not enough.

JB was the little boy that found such comfort in his crate with a soft, warm blanket in it during his transport upon pick-up to the vet and was so soundly asleep upon arrival, they thought he was dead until they touched him and his little old, cloudy eyes opened. That was probably the first time in his entire life he had been warm and comfortable on a cold winter's day...

This boy didn't know love, care or comfort for very long, but he did know it thanks to CP and his foster family. JB, do what you have never been able to do - RUN FREE AND HEALTHY as a young dog would. Our candle is lit and I'm checking the night sky for the newest bright shining star ...

Col. Potter rescues cairns which many consider too old, too sick or unadoptable. JB exemplifies the heart of Col. Potter. He was adopted before he went to the Rainbow Bridge and will always be loved and remembered by the entire Col. Potter family.


angelscairns said...

Thank you Col. Potter for giving this sweet boy at least a few months in a home filled with love and all the comforts.

And now he will have them forever.

With Tears in Virginia

Jay said...

Poor JB looks like he just can't figure out what it was all about. It takes a lot to make a Cairn look that bereft.

JB deserved better during his life. That face has so much character. His eyes still show a perplexed hope but they are very tired. At least he had a few months of mornings when he awoke from a deep sleep to a day that was going to be kind to him.

Thanks to CP for giving him that quiet place to collect himself before he began his slow, but determined, trip across the Bridge.

RIP JB. You earned it.