Thursday, June 24, 2010


Contributed by a CP Volunteer and CRAP Attendee


Inside of Sales Tent

A 'camp site' for cairn and people

Our greatest hope

It was just GREAT meeting EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was an absolute "joy" to be around and so much fun.

Karin and Mike were WONDERFUL to let all of us crazies and our crazy cairns invade their home!!! Thank you so much Karin and Mike for letting us use your basement to house our furkids. It was a blessing that they could go in their crates in an air conditioned area.

The entertainment was GREAT. I've never laughed so hard. KP's "motion lotion", Mo's Rust, KP's "chickens "DO IT" speech AND KP explaining what you use Rat Pee for and that you can buy it at Petco - and all of this took place while they were showing things up for auction.

The food was beyond description - I haven't eaten that much in a long time.

We had some really "SPECIAL" things at CRAP. Carthage was there and oh what a love she is. She doesn't "look" sick and no one told her that she was. She had the best time and she got TONS of loving. We got to see KP's foster Bryn - what a total love that little guy is. Lori R. had Winnie and Callie there and they are such cuties. Winnie is a love bug and Callie is the most frisky "talking" baby girl. """"BAD BART""""" christened me as soon as he saw me and, of course, on my way to wash up ---I was known as the fire hydrant for all the little boys in my path!!!! You know how competetive those guys are as far as marking . If the pee had been cold I wouldn't have minded but, as it was, it was just another hot shower. It was great to meet ALL the furkids that we read about!

During cleanup Sunday afternoon the "Father's Day" kids were delivered to Karin and Mikes' for transport. OMG, these kids are beautiful!!!! It was a blessing to see these kids run in the grass for the very first time. NOW THE BEST was when one of the 11 week old males (can't remember which) was put in with Callie because she was missing her brother Winnie who had gone to his forever home the night before. It was immediately "hubba hubba little missy let me hump you RIGHT how". It was so freaking hilarious and he WOULD NOT stop so he had to go back in his crate.

NOW THE VERY VERY BEST was being able to be there for Karin's wedding dress photos (BY BETH) with her furkids. The dress is the most gorgeous and the photo shoot was so very awsome. Each one of her babies are in the pictures and even Fire was captured in some. Karin looked amazing in the dress!!

OH, I CAN'T FORGET THIS - most of you probably remember 'Catera', Karin's
foster who is SO VERY VERY VERY SHY, that Karin and Mike adopted a little while ago. WELL, I was helping prepare some food in Karin's kitchen and Catera was watching from afar. Karin had to run downstairs so I took a break on the floor - put my hand out and pretended I was "just resting". Catera came up and licked my fingers!!!!!!!!!! She then scurried back to her bed, BUT how wonderful. And for the first time she put her paws up on the chair where Karin was sitting (which was the only time Karin got to sit down the whole weekend). Catera also took a treat of meat from my hands - how special is that!

OK - enough. You get the picture that a great time was had by all.

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