Monday, June 7, 2010

Please follow this link to check out the Oz Project website's new look!

Contributed by Kathy C., the 'ozmudder' and tireless CP volunteer

Note from Col. Potter - The Oz Project was began in the summer of 2006. as members of the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network since 2003, Kathy C. and her husband began to see the need for a clean, safe, and warm place to bring some of Col. Potter's little rescued cairns. This is the website for this wonderful refuge for some of our most needy rescued cairns.

Hello Everyone,

This week I would like to invite everyone to check out The Oz Project Website. It has a clean new look. If you run your cursor down the column on the left side of the page related pages will pop-up. The left column was getting as long as my arm. This is so much cleaner.

I've also added an Oz Kids Directory. It features every kid that has came through Oz, along with their picture. Talking about pictures, check out the new photo albums that I've added. If you have any pictures of any of these kids please send them along with any information that you have so that I can add it to the website. My computer over heated and died taking so many pictures with it...then the cabin flooded taking paper documents. So if you can, please add pictures or information by sending it to me at

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