Thursday, July 1, 2010

Found Dog #2780 - another happy ending due to Col. Potter's Tag Program

Contributed by CP's Tag Volunteer


Yesterday I got a call from a lady who said she saw a little dog walking down the middle of the street so she opened her car doorand the dog hopped right in. I looked up the tag number sheprovided and found that this was Katie (formerly Sheena) who was living in Vermont. She requested and I provided Katie's home address and phone number so she could return Katie.I got a call later from Katie's Mom Eileen who wanted to explain that she isn't a careless owner or an unloving one.

I told her that was not our thought. Katie is an escape artist but doesn't have a fenced yard. Her Mom was going to be away on work for about 12 hours and over 100 miles away. So she asked a friend with a fenced yard in which their dog had never escaped for 5 years to babysit Katie.

Apparently the minute Katie was put in the yard after her Mom drove away Katie climbed the fence and went off for an adventure! I could still hear the fear in Eileen's voice when she told me about calling home and finding the message that Katie had been found by someone walking down the street. She immediately left her work and drove home to pick up Katie! She said she alternated between telling Katie how much she loves her and telling that she's GROUNDED!!!

I could so easily relate and we had a very nice conversation.She told me that two years ago several months after her checkup with perfect results she suddenly noticed a lump. She took Katie to the vet who felt it had to be removed asap. Her income tax refund had arrived two days previously so that was not a problem. The surgeon had a cancellation of a 4 hour scheduledsurgery so had an immediate opening. They removed a very aggressive type of breast cancer that was 4" long and 1.5" around with clean margins. Her vet didn't tell her at the time that he didn't expect Katie to last for two months....but here she is two years later, thank goodness.

I suggested next time Katie needs to be babysat she send along a20 ft. (or so) training lead to attach her to something in theback yard.I also told her about our Thundershirts in caseKatie or one of her doggie friends could use one. Then I requested some photos if she has some to share.She said that Katie is beloved by all she meets and is a wonderful recommendation for adoption which several folks have done.

She also caused a Boston Terrier person to commit to fostering for a Boston rescue. Katie has been enjoying life out of a puppymill since 2006 and her Mom will be filling in the update form so we have lots of contact info and hopefully will never need it.

Note from Blogger: Col. Potter assigns a unique number to each dog that it rescues and when the dog is adopted, it is recommended that the dog continue to wear the tag. As you can see, this can be a lifesaver for the found dog. This is the second dog reunited with an owner in the past 4 weeks due to the tag program. If you have a Col. Potter tag, be sure to keep your information updated!

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