Monday, July 19, 2010

Nell's Potty Song

Contributed by Nell's mom

Horray! Nell is four weeks with all potties outside! This is huge.
I really thought that this would never happen. She was pretty good when she first came and then she back slid. We kept at it and eventually things improved. I am so proud of us both. She knows now when we go out in the morning and I sing the potty song what she has to do.

I am so happy with her progress. She turns and looks at me and smiles and well I don't have to spell it out for everyone here you all know that feeling and that's what makes sharing this news all the more sweet.

I realize that this is more like a limerick than an actual song.
It goes something like this..

Let's go Potty outside like the big doggies do!
We'll potty on the town and potty all around

We'll potty over there and we'll wear some underwear
And we'll do a little dance and wear some purple pants.

I add rhymes as it comes to me.

Each dog I have had has always had their own made up songs.

Nell doesn't sing. She looks at me like I have lost my mind. Each dog is so
different which is always a wonder. Lucky was a great singer from day one I put him in the car and sang him a song and he threw his head back sang right back to me. He is singing now at the bridge.

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