Friday, July 30, 2010

Trinket's video - so, you think you want a puppy?

Contributed by Trinket's foster mom

speed racer 7 29 10.MOV

Well, I actually ASKED for a puppy to foster...shoot me now and get it over would think i would have learned with little buckeye (who i saw a week ago & is growing by leaps & bounds and still that gorgeous deep pure red-he really remembered me too) anyway, you need lots and lots of energy so you can help those little guys burn it off....i wanted a baby girl to see if it would bring my cammie/glamour a little further out of her shell and get her to play and run around so she can lose some of her "bodaciously BIG girl' look-she cant bite her back foot or tail her gut is so wide...(again its not the food-she sleeps pretty much 24/7)... its working..she doesn't especially like getting bulldozed from the side but she is moving around a little faster..and even my gimpy old man thinks Trinket is pretty much a good buddy to chase (except when she gets too close to humperdude-nobody gets the dude but him)

Everything either goes into her mouth-pinecones,flowers,bees, poop, my nose, envelopes, etc or it gets furiously barked at to get scared away...this dog has the BIGGEST bark i have ever heard in a cairn, bar none...geez...esp when you are fast asleep in a fully back recliner with your head back and your mouth open-you tend to fly forward in a huge bolt upright at her 'stranger stay away' bark.. holy cow-i think she made my ears bleed it was so loud...anyway here are her first pics from yest and this am...the videos make you tired just watching.

Trinket is being fostered in Michigan. She will be available for adoption soon so please continue to visit our website to check on our available cairns.

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