Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome Kajmir!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Kajmir is just a little thing. She is very thin and needs to put on a few pounds, but that shouldn't be a problem since she loves food. She is 20 months old and needs training. She can leap 3 ft. in the air! There is no keeping her behind a baby gate or in an expen, unless you have a top for it. She is getting to know what behavior isn't acceptable. Kajmir is learning what the ACK sound means and is responding very well.

A CP volunteer jumped into action to go pick this girl up as soon as I called her and she is keeping her for a few days. The volunteer says, "I know it is the honeymoon but she is just absolutely delightful!" Kajmir's adventure will be continuing as she is going to be staying with another volunteer starting for a few days until her journey starts to her foster home.

Thanks to Gail and Sheila for B&Bing her, to PK for being her foster mom, and to all the other great volunteers that are helping with Kajmir. CP can not help the cairns we do without our great volunteers.

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