Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Freedom Means to Me

Written by Georgie's foster mom

Georgie (cairn wanna be)

1. I was saved from a trip to that little room that doggies don't come back from.

2. I got a wonderful bath and my filthy overgrown coat was trimmed up. Ooops, then they found out I'm not even a Cairn Terrier....but they didn't give up on me.

3. They pulled out the nasty, rotten teeth in my mouth...other than the one that fell out in my cage.

4. I started getting goooood food and plenty of it (but not TOOmuch for a little dog).

5. I finally got enough water to drink to satisfy my voracious thirst.

6. Foster Mama and Papa didn't mind that they had to take me out to pee six gazillian times a day.

7. Foster Mama took me to see the vet to find out why I had to pee six gazillian times a day.

8. The vet said I am sick and need special food and lots and lots of water to drink every day.

9. Foster Mama fixes me special water with some baby food chicken in it to make it taste good so I will drink the water I need.

10. I saw another vet and he is helping me get better too. Iam on medicine so I can have nice, firm poops instead of 'soup'.

11. Auntie Cheryl babysat me while Foster Mama and Papa went away for a while.

12. We got good news from the vet. Foster Mama has gotten me to drink so much water every day that my kidney function numbers are almost as good as every other dog!!!

13. I get to tell Mama that I need to go potty outside even when I only want to go out and lie in the sun.

14. I get to jump over my girl cousins when they are in my way.

15. I get to have comfy places to lie down and cuddleup...sometimes the comfy place is with Foster Papa or Mama.Foster Mama has to pick up the comfy beds because Janna gets in trouble with them sometimes but if she notices that I am standing around wanting a bed she will get up and get one for me.

16. I get to lick off foster brother Gilly's private thing.

17. I get to take walks with my cousins. Foster Papa and Mama hook us up so we will be safe when we take walks. I justlooooove to take walks.

18. There is a Thundershirt with my name on it so anytime things get scary somebody puts it on quickly to make me feel better.

19. Freedom means that sometimes I have to put up with Foster Mama taking pictures.

20. Freedom also means that I have to put up with Foster Papa cleaning the crud from the corners of my eyes.

21. One last thing. I am grateful for trainable foster parents. I am currently training Foster Papa to give me skritches when I paw at him. Isn't he smart? :)

Freedom is wonderful and I am so grateful that I have been freed from the nasty life I was living before I was rescued by Col.Potter people. Since I am so much more healthy now, I may even get my own forever home one day soon!

Thank you and Love, Georgie

You can check out Georgie at our website. She is in Ohio and her official CP name is Mere but she is affectionately known as Georgie girl. Thanks for looking!

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