Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Does Cypress Speak?

Contributed by a CP foster mom

This is really not off topic as you will see. I am sure we all
remember the story of "Yes Virginia There is a Santa Clause." In
case you forgot, a bunch of MEAN people tried to say Santa did not
exist which they were later proved wrong by the wonderful children
and a few smart adults who knew Santa did exist.

Here in lies my story. Last night I was speaking to one of my
adoptive homes who will remain nameless but she adopted 2 dogs from
me, works on contracts team and the Matchmakers team. So you will
probably figure out who this mean, evil person is.

Like I said we were talking & I was looking at my emails, just then
an email from Stacey came in with her adorable story about Cypress.
This other person says to me you know I have had to tell adoptive
homes in the past that the dog is really not the one telling these
stories. I said WHAT???? You mean Shelby and all the other dogs who
post on CRM do not write these stories? Well who does? I am
confused. NO KARIN she tells me, dogs can not type or tell stories.
Seriously. How can this be. This person laughed at me. Worse yet,
Mike was out & called me a bit later, I told him that this person
told me dogs do not write stories on CRM, people do. Poor Mike he
almost wrecked the car from the shock of being told this.

This woman should be ashamed. Next she is going to tell my poor
Catera who just had 9 teeth pulled there is no tooth fairy. My plan
is to go to Florida, telling her I am coming to visit. Stay a week,
lounge around her pool, then while she is at work, her 2 girls & I
will get on a plane & fly home. I do not think my girls should be
subjected to a non believer.

Thanks for listening if you have any better ideas let me know

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