Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stay-at-Home Dog & Cat Entertainment

August Newsletter

Stressed about leaving your pets home alone? Don't worry–we've got plenty of tricks for stay-at-home dog and cat entertainment.
Leaving a bored cat or an energetic dog alone all day can make any pet owner resent the 9-to-5 grind. Since most people can’t quit their jobs to stay home with their pets, here are a few ways to ease the guilt of leaving your cat or dog home alone:

Bored Cat? Not Anymore!

1. Create a room with a view. Cozy up a windowsill or get your cat a perch that allows him to sit and observe the world. You may find discussing the weather boring, but that’s cat entertainment!

2. Hang toys. When you can’t play all day, rescue your bored cat with a ribbon on a doorknob or a mouse attached to a shelf.

3. Get your cat some company. Consider a kitty playgroup or daycare once or twice a week for your cat, or take the plunge and get a second cat. If you go the playgroup route, your cat will get a few hours a week of companionship while you’re at work. And if you get another cat, that’s constant companionship—and twice the love and purrs for you!

Tons-of-Fun Dog Activities

1. Hide snacks. The only thing more exciting than getting a treat is finding that treat. Invest in a puzzle-treat ball, so your dog can play with the toy while working toward a snack. His mind stays active and he has fun!

2. Try doggie day care. Your dog will love day playing with an assortment of canine and human friends. The belly rubs and daylong attention is great for him.

3. Stimulate his senses. If you’ve noticed that your dog likes TV or radio, consider low-volume media stimulation while you’re away. If only he could brief you on the news!

4. Hire a private friend. A dog-walker or neighbor can visit your dog in the middle of the day—this choice is great for older dogs or pooches that have accidents.

Remember, though, the majority of the time that you’re away, your pets probably won’t even notice. For the most part, if they don’t have a reason to do otherwise, pets sleep all day.

Plus, dogs prefer to be active at the beginning and end of the day—in other words, the times when you are home—and, although cats are more active during the day, they are better than dogs at amusing themselves.

If you focus on giving your animals quality time when you are there, taking good care of them, and making sure their food, exercise, and attention needs are well met, they’ll be happy to spend the time you’re out of the house taking a well-deserved nap.

Don't you wish that was how you spent the work day?

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