Monday, August 23, 2010


Written by CP's Calendar Creator and Editor

last year's calendar was a sell out!

It's that time again. What time? 2011 Calendar time. What - it's already the last week of August- how can it be CP Calendar time now?Well - this thing takes work work work. And it needs to go to the printer in just a few WEEKS! So, I am asking everyone here to please help me.

As I am sure all of you know and can see from this picture of last year's calendar page,we always have a Rags to Riches page where we show the stories of 4 or 5 Cairns who went from Rags to Riches while in CP. There is a catch here. There are many many Cairns who came in with behavioral problems but who seemed to look OK. They had a full coat, bright eyes, etc. As touching as many of these stories are, they do not do well in a visual format. So I need PICTURES and stories of CP rescued Cairns who underwent both an external as well as internal transformation. And truthfully, for the calendar, the external transformation is really more important.Anyone remember the treats (I think Stollen, and Babka and that group but I could be wrong) who came in with such matts that it was unbelievable. Those would be great Rags to Riches dogs. Last year I used poor Servus. He was a MESS! So, are you currently fostering a potential Rags to Riches dog or did you foster one that was in the system after 9/15 of 2009? If so, please send me before and after pictures as well as the dogs story.

I will be most grateful.I am also looking for pictures of Cairn Mischief. Really good pictures showing your Cairn in the middle of a mess he or she made. If you have one of those, please send it along. Deirdre - please send me the one of Miracle getting into the cookie jar. I want that one for sure. Also, I am looking for Cairns in Costume as well as Silly Cairns (I have no idea what I mean by silly but I know that I will recognize it when I see it. ALL PICTURES MUST NOT HAVE A HUMAN IN IT. This is important for legal purposes. I have no idea what the legal ramifications are but I know what I was told and I question not the grand pooh-bahs of the world. Also, the pictures I will choose from the ones I get (please send me pictures) will probably have the dog against a contrasting color background that is not full of other things like cords or toys or other dogs. A wheaten dog on a beige carpet is way too difficult to work with so no matter how cute they might be these pictures rarely get included.

So if you want your dog in the upcoming calendar (aside from all the dogs who will be in it because they were in the Col. Potter system from 9/15/09 -9/01/10) please send me your pictures as soon as possible. These do not have to be pictures of this year's dogs. I just want pictures to fill the bill. As you may have just noticed I have pushed back the date from 9/15 to 9/01. I have done this so it can get to the printer sooner and up on eBay sooner. If we want to sell lots of these, eBay needs the calendar by the last week in September at the latest. So I need these pictures SOON.

Also, either get down on the floor or put your dog on a chair or table so your dogs eyes are mid level in the picture. Thanks so very much. You help is most appreciated. And I am unhappy to inform you that should you submit a picture it might not be used. It might be the cutest picture ever taken but if I doesn't fit into the scheme of what is going on I will not be able to use it. So I thank you in advance for your understanding if I do not use that absolutely amazing shot you sent to me. It will not be discarded and will probably show up in some CP production sometime in the future. I am super busy trying to get this calendar ready for press and even 10 seconds is precious.So you have a great picture/story (Rags to Riches) and want to send it to me. I have created a new account just for these pictures. Please send all pictures and related stories to: CPCal2011 @ Thanks so much for reading this and for perhaps sending me THE picture.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I watched a video of the rescue dog Silk earlier this morning on the blog. I wanted to show it to my daughter and now it is gone! Does anyone know what happened to the video of Silk?

Linda M in Virginia

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network said...

Silk's video is back up. There were some issues with the embedded link not working but they have been resolved.