Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tippy's big day

Contributed by a CP Transport Volunteer

So today I got to do my first EVER transport! My husband and I drove about 90 minutes from home, to pick up Tippy from the Vet and deliver her to Denise for her B&B. She is flying to Florida on Monday. We get to the Vet clinic and she's all ready to go. They bring her out and I am in love. She is TINY and adorable!

I called to her and she ran right over. I got down on her level and she jumped in my lap and gave me a nice bunch of Cairn kisses. My husband called her, to put her CP tag on, and he got the same treatment. This girl is sweet, sweet, sweet! The clinic manager said that she was a sweetheart and that she was a good guest, even if she did complain about her accommodations.

We got her all tagged, harness on and leash in place. We took her out front and she immediately did her business. Such a good girl! I had brought a blanket, a stuffed marrow bone, some treats and a couple of toys. I didn't want the poor girl to be bored, right? I put her in the crate and she immediately grabbed one of the toys and started squeaking away. I snapped a quick picture, which you can see above. By this time, we were wondering how someone could let this sweet girl go. I don't know how she came to be in the shelter, but she didn't belong there. Honestly, he and I had a VERY long discussion about whether she would make it to Denise. But we know our current pack and we just didn't think we should upset the apple cart. Harmony is a good thing.

We drove the hour to meet Denise. Tippy would fuss and then settle in. After a few minutes she would fuss again. So, he would give her a small piece of the treat. She would settle, fuss, treat. Settle, fuss, treat. You get the idea. He kept telling her what a great life she would have and just how sweet and cute she was. And yes, I told her the same thing. It took everything we had not to take our exit and head home.

When we got to the meeting spot, he refused to open his door so I could take out the crate. Yes, he was totally in love. But, he also loves the harmony in the house. Our Izzy would not take kindly to another spunky female. He did open the door and we got her safely stowed in Denise's car. Denise says she is particularly fond of the pink stuffed bone, which makes me doubly glad I brought it for her.

When we got home, I got a message from my youngest son. He's wondering why she wasn't dognapped and why I hadn't informed him of her existence. I knew she wasn't right for him either. Mother knows best! I know she will find the most perfect home. And who knows, someone may fall head over heels for her at Carol's pool party. We are unable to attend and it's probably a good thing. I don't know that he could spend much more time with her and NOT bring her back here.What a wonderful experience it was. Tippy is the cutest and sweetest little girl. Welcome to freedom Tippy!

If you would like to volunteer to help transport one of our cairns please click this link. Even if you can only drive one hour each way, it can make a difference! Thanks for considering it.

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