Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WARNING - Acorns can make your dog very sick - Reminder - check your yard!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

This is a repost of some important information to keep your dog safe that we originally ran in 2010. However, the acorns are out and we have noticed people posting on facebook about this so we are sharing this article once again. The informative link at the bottom is still working.

We have an abnormal amount of fresh green acorns on the ground in the back yard (our dog yard) this year. Miss Gabby fancies them. Gabby has her mouth emptied about 5 times a day. These little nuts can make a dog very sick, so please be on the alert for them, and get them OUT OF THE YARD whenever and as soon as you are able.

I found the post from the Cairn Rescue Mentoring yahoo group where the “acorn incident” first surfaced. It was a wee foster boy. Very scary.

He required hospitalization. Here is the post from November 4, 2006:

We've had a scare here tonight. I noticed that Johnboy, who was going to meet his forever mom, Andrea, tomorrow (today now), was not playing with his brothers and had in fact holed up in the crate in the X-pen. I got him out & held him. He simply cuddled up, no kisses, no squirms, no nips - not normal. Quick call to Mo, then Danielle. Took his temp - about 103 so somewhat high. Tempted him with yummy food - not interested.

Another call to Danielle & to Andrea to tell her not to drive up from OK in the AM while we checked him out. Off to the emergency clinic. A fecal check showed diarrhea in the gut although I had observed no abnormal stools, nor had he vomited. A Parvo check was done - negative, thank God. Stick chewing has been the preferred activity this week so I was worried about that.

Then I thought to ask about acorns as there are two huge pin oaks that drop theirs into the dog yard & I had seen the pups chewing on some. The vet looked them up and found that Tannic acid poisoning can cause severe gastric distress, so little Johnboy is spending the night there on IV to flush his system and rehydrate him since he was beginning to dehydrate. There can be renal & hepatic damage so we will have blood work done tomorrow to check that out.

He recovered and met his forever family the next weekend, and all is well. But still, be wary!

Please follow this link if you would like to learn more about this.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! My Harry is very attracted to acorns as well, and we have had a banner year. My (his) yard is chocked full of them. He mostly picks up and chews on the brown pieces in the driveway, not the green ones; which perhaps is a blessing. I will get out the rake for sure now; although the squirrels are busy tearing them off the tree and throwing them into the yard so they can go bury them. Big job ahead. Lucy