Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome Henna to Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Sometimes fate works in mysterious but fortunate ways. Another purebred rescue (non-cairn) was in the process of securing the future of two furkids at an animal shelter. The rescuer noticed Hennna with her sweet face and big dark brown eyes. One look and she knew Henna couldn't be left behind knowing what her fate would soon be. Henna had been an unclaimed stray and her time was up. The shelter was overcrowded and euthanizing. So Henna got a reprieve and a start to a new life that day. The rescue that pulled Henna gave her the spa treatment and groomed her matted, dirty coat. Col. Potter was contacted to help get Henna further on the road to a new life.

Henna is a young girl, estimated to be 2 years old, loves to sit in your lap, and knows some commands (sit, come, no, & crate). She's smart, quick and can give any leash a good test for 'chewability'.

Please welcome Henna, the girl with a coat of many colors.

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Oscar the Terrier said...

Hi Henna! I wish you lots of luck in finding your forever home! With your looks, I am sure it won't be long!