Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School Supplies for Col. Potter

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

School bells started ringing all across the country this week signaling the return to school for America's youth. There is nothing more important than educating the young and teaching them about the world around them.

This week a group of Cairns started attending a school of sorts themselves. It's a school called freedom and it will teach them about love, trust and kindness. They have already had their first lesson on cleanliness with each receiving a nice, warm, soothing bath to get the dirt and grime off their little bodies. Classes are continuing daily starting to work on the basics of walking on a leash, potty training and the art of playing.

All of them require complete vetting including shots, spay/neuter surgery and dentals. This all adds up to quite a bit financially, but the investment in the Cairn youth of America is worth it. Remember, how I mentioned the other day just giving up or switching your daily coffee provider to a less expensive one, or bringing a brown bag lunch instead of going out, even a couple of days a week, could help the furkids? Just imagine what could be accomplished if 100 people did this for a week, or then if 200 people did it for a month. No additional money out of your pocket and doesn't affect your finances, but what a difference it could make for some Cairns. We can't continue to help the number of Cairns we have in the past because of increases in vetting costs. But with just a small change in your daily schedule, it could mean a life of freedom for more Cairns!! Please consider donating to support these furkids!!!

Please help me welcome the Back to School Supplies:

Pencil: Female, her birthdate was given as 3/26/10 making her 5 months old, but we believe she was switched for a slightly older puppy and believe her to actually be 8-12 months old. She weighs 9lbs.

Crayon: Female, born 5/21/08, OK everyone get ready to fall in love with this little "pocketbook" girl weighing 7.5lbs

Backpack: Female, born 12/5/07, a beautiful little girl weighing 11.6lbs

Paper: Female, born 10/29/03, we'll turn that sadness to happiness on this little 11.8lb girl

Notebook: Female, DOB 10/9/03, just look at the smile on this girl's face to finally meet freedom! She weighs 17.6#

Ruler: Male, born 6/5/05, this boy is a very handsome blonde weighing 13.6lbs

Eraser: Male, born 8/23/02, this tiny little boy weighing just 10lbs has waited a long time for a chance at freedom.

We NEED foster homes for the Back to School Supplies that are willing to help get them off to school each day and then work on their homework with them. Are you up to the task to help America's Cairn youth? If you are not yet approved to foster, please fill out the application on the CP website if you are able to foster one of these precious little Back to School Supplies.

Thank you for helping!

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