Thursday, September 30, 2010

Col. Potter--Can You Feel It?

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Have you ever stopped to think how any one of our rescue Cairns feel upon finding their way into the loving arms of Col. Potter? For some it means they have lost their family, their home, but for others it means a little lost Cairn has found their way out of the shelter and for many others it means they are enjoying their first taste of love and comfort in their entire lives. These furkids feel emotions just like we do. They twitch at the touch of a human, get the jitters when being picked up, shiver when being held and tingle all over with happiness.

Imagine four little Cairns finding themselves packed up in a vehicle, being taken out and dumped in an unfamiliar place, being left until vet staff found them the next day. What emotions they all must have felt. Thanks to the vet staff for taking the time to contact Col. Potter to ask for help rather than just euthanizing them, these four little Cairns will soon be enjoying all new happy feelings of freedom!

With great feeling, I present CP's CAN YOU FEEL IT!!

Tingle: Female, cream, estimated 5 years old

Twitch: Female, wheaten, estimated 5 years old

Shivers: Female, wheaten, estimated 8 years old

Jitters: Male, black brindle, estimated 6 years old

With the number of Cairns CP has rescued during the month of September, we are desperately in need of fosters for the CAN YOU FEEL IT Kids along with another group that came in this past weekend. CAN YOU FEEL IT ... it's the need for foster homes to help these furkids on their journey to freedom. If you want to help, please read about fostering on our website and fill out the foster application.

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