Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fourth Annual Poop (Pals Of Our Pups) held in Mehoopany PA

Contributed by a Col. Potter Volunteer

The wonderful food!

Brian A. and Amy R., Ginger, Miri, Lucy, Wookie, Missy, Rocky and Gabby held their FOURTH annual POOP at their home in Mehoopany PA on 9/11/2010. (Pals Of Our Pups – a one day Col. Potter event).

It’s called a CallioPOOPe because they are a registered non profit kennel with the PA Dept of Agriculture and their kennel name is Calliope (kal-I-O-pee). Making it a CallioPOOPe just seemed to fit.

The first year’s event started with 12 people and 20 dogs in 2006 now in 2010 they had 40 scheduled guests with 45 Cairns. There were silent auctions, raffle tickets, mystery prizes, sales, and a live auction. A buffet is set up with Brian and Amy providing the beverages and “meats” and all local guests bringing a side dish. The food this year was awesome!

Raffle and Silent Auction table

Sales and raffles

Since Brian and Amy have two completely separate yards, all guests enter through the back (or the dog yard) known as BuddyWorld. This is where the ship and tubes are located for Cairn fun.

Once there, and a good sampling of guests arrive, the side gate to the ¾ acre fenced acre front yard is opened, and the party begins. The dogs just have the best time exploring, and carrying on, meeting and making new friends. It’s just so heart warming to see all these dogs that without CP, would have NO chance at a life. Guests come from PA, NY, NJ, CT, RI, and MA.

Good company!


Kissin cairn cuzzins

After dinner the group was honored by Helene S., who provided grooming tips for everyone to enjoy, for the second year in a row. Brian and Amy’s own Lucy was the “demo dog” and she was SO good, NOT happy, but good. Lucy is a breeding facility momma, rescued by CP in 2005.

Grooming Demonstration

After the grooming demo, last call was announced on the raffle tickets and silent auctions. Everyone came back onto the front deck and the first drawing was that of a number that is written on everyone’s name tag. The prize was won by Jan D. of Laceyville PA who is owned by Halle (fka Bianca). Then they announced the silent auctions and when the names were called, there were surely SEVERAL audible hoots and hollers with glee! Raffles were pulled and then everyone “paid the piper” for all their purchases; and one by one all the wonderful guests left. A lot of Volume III cookbooks left yesterday, and we know folks are sitting down today, reading page after page and thinking about what to make for dinner. Cookbooks can be purchased here:

Donations were received from; Col. Potter itself;; Framesmith in Tunkhannock PA, and several of our very generous guests as well.

Amy and Brian raised nearly $2000 for Col. Potter’s kids, so they can continue to save the dogs they love.

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