Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Russo (Rusty is very Trusty)

Contributed by Russo's foster mom

So tonight I get home, let the pups out and soon Lexi and Heather come in but Rusty as usual stays outside. So I peek out and he is sitting under his favorite tree in the corner close to the birdhouse that he is obsessed with. So I take a picture - attached - and you can see the birdhouse in the upper right hand corner. For the past two+ weeks he has watched that birdhouse - barked at it, jumped against the fence at it and generally just made a fuss. I would check the b-house and see evidence of a nest being built with dead stuffy cotten left in the yard so thought he probably saw a bird fly in and out of it.

So when my husband gets home he decides to pull open the house and take the nest/stuffing out and holy cow there is something in there at the bottom under all the stuffy stuff! So he shuts it quick (I think it's a bird) and then he opens it up again - and it's a little squirrel in there making a nest!! It jumps out, scampers up the b-house to the fence and runs away. Of course now T-R (Trusty Rusty) really is frantic - because all this time there really WAS something in that house - he wasn't a crazy Cairn - he was protecting the yard from those dang squirrels that had the nerve to actually set up house right under his nose!!!

So the b-house is now sitting on the ground, stuffy stuff out where it will stay until T-R finds his forever home (not sure when that will be!!!) and he can no longer be tormented by the bold squirrels in my back yard.

I did throw extra wine into the chicken dish I made for dinner. Thought I deserved that even though it's a week night.

Rusty is being fostered in Michigan.You can check him and all of the available cairns on our website by clicking here.

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