Monday, September 20, 2010

Sherri comes in to the loving arms of CP!

Written by a CP volunteer

I was at work when a call came to my home. My husband got it. On the other end was an Animal Control officer from a nearby county. Did we work Cairn Rescue? She had an older cairn--about 10 years old--that been living outside for the past three years, flea bitten, and was due to be put to sleep (PTS) the next morning. Is there any chance we could help her? She's a sweet dog and let shelter workers do anything to her, great temperament. My husband said he'd let me know so we could contact Col. Potter.

I got home and got the news. I told him if CP took her in, I'd probably be asked to foster and I thought we had decided to just foster one at a time. He said that if CP wanted to save her, she'd have a spot here as long as she needed it. After all, it WAS a matter of life and death.

I started the ball rolling with an urgent email message to CP rescue. As expected I got a rapid response. Since we knew this shelter KNOWS its cairns (we've gotten 2-3 from them before), I was given the go ahead to go look at the dog, and take her as an intake IF CAIRN. I called the AC officer and could hear in her voice just how much this mattered to her.

It's a long drive to the shelter and the whole time all I could think was WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS DOG DOING OUTSIDE FOR THREE YEARS? This last year weather here in Maryland has been crazy. We had record snow and now we've had record heat and during this time a CAIRN was outside...This is just horrific to me.

I got to talk to the officer. Her story was even worse. Apparently they had to cut over an inch off the cairn's claws! With her claws that long, she couldn't climb the steps to the dog house and she walks badly. Well no wonder! So not only was she outside, but outside with no shelter. Grrrrrrr.

The cairn had been due to be PTS yesterday but, since the AC officer came in late, her boss saved the cairn for ONE day to give her a chance to find a rescue. And the officer did. She found us. Col. Potter.

Without further ado, let's welcome SHERRI! Her story is so compelling--she lived one more night, then another--and then was gifted by CP with the rest of her life.

Sherri wasn't alone in that yard - she had a companion, a Pomeranian. I'll bet our Sherri protected her little pal through the 4ft of snow and 100 degree heat. The officer is going back to the home to try to save her next. Let's all pray her buddy has her luck too. (Update--The Pomeranian was saved and sent to Pom rescue!)

Our Animal Control Officer was very thankful that we could be there for both of them (the officer and Sherri). I told her I'd keep her in the loop, letting her know when Sherri finds a home.

I headed home with Sherri in tow. During the drive, I sang to her...

Sherri(Sherri baby)
Sherri no more outside at night
(Come,come, come in tonight)
Sherri baby (Sherri baby)
Sherri no more outside at night

(Why don't you come in) To my cairn party
(Come in) Where the cuddles are fine
(Come in) We'll kiss the night away
I'm gonna make you shine

Sherri baby (Sherri baby)
Sherri can you come in tonight
Come, come, come in tonight)

We're find you a new Mama (Sherri baby)
Tell her everything is alright

(Why don't you come in) With your collar on
(Come in ) Mmm you look so fine
(Come in) Move it nice and easy
Girl, you gonna lose your mind

Sherri, Sherri baby
Sherri, Sherri baby

If you know a cairn in need, please email as much information as is available to CairnTerrierRescue@ (remove space after the @ symbol) . Someone in CP will contact you as soon as possible.

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