Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome CP's Shape of Things to Come!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Col. Potter really didn't have the room for another large group of Cairns -- not the finances, not the support people and certainly not the foster homes -- but after you look at these THIRTEEN little faces, how could you turn them away? They've never known comfort. They've never known good food or clean water. They've lived outside in the elements their entire lives.

The most important Shape of Things to Come for these furkids is going to be a heart. We need people with a heart to step up and foster these Shapes. We need people with a heart to donate and be foster Grandparents to help support the expenses of these Shapes. We thank people with a heart for stepping up yet again to help transport them to their foster homes.

Please open your hearts to the Shape of Things to Come:

Square - M, DOB 4/5/06

Cylinder - M, DOB 6/17/09

Octagon - F, DOB 11/21/08

Sphere - F, DOB 6/2/07

Ellipse - F, DOB 6/2/07

Rectangle - M, DOB 6/18/10

Rhombus - M, DOB 6/18/10

Triangle - M, DOB 6/18/10

Oval - F, DOB 6/18/10

Polygon - F, DOB 6/18/10

Crescent - F, DOB 6/2/07 - Crescent and her two baby girls are already in a foster home

Circle - F, DOB 8/5/10

Cube - F, DOB 8/5/10

Crescent came into CP unable to feed Circle and Cube who were severely malnourished and tiny for their age. They both had open sores and abscesses on their bodies. Had Col. Potter not gotten to these baby Shapes when we did, they more than likely would not be alive today. Circle was the larger of the two babies at 2.2#, but still small for her age. Cube weighed in at 1.4#, or the weight of an approximately 2 week old puppy,not a 6 week old puppy.

Please show these Shapes what a heart looks like. If you would like to be able to foster any of these Shapes, please fill out the application online. If you are able to open your heart one more time to financially aid these Shapes, please consider becoming a Grandparent to one of these Shapes or just making a donation to CP to support the Shape of Things to Come.

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