Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Cautionary Tale - Check the Environment before you let your dog investigate it!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Recently I noticed my Connor (1 year old, CP Bambi) is a little worried about getting out in the world so I have been taking him every where I go in an attempt to get him better socialized.

Well, this is just a reminder to every one that even when you think an environment is safe you just can't be sure and need to keep a close eye on your baby!

I took Connor to the office with me on Saturday while I was moving some furniture and in a heart beat he found a box of mouse poison behind a door, tore it open and started to chow down. (I didn't even know that we had any poison in the office, we normally use the sticky mouse traps.)

I grabbed Connor, dumped out the box of poison (so I had the label with me), ran to the first aid kit and tore through that until I found a bottle of hydrogen peroxide which I poured down his throat.

Thirty seconds to set the alarms and lock the door behind me, then off to the emergency room we drove.

I had an old sheet in the car and put that under Connor -- and in the 18 mins it took us to get to the emergency vet he had vomited twice.

When we arrived at the hospital I took the sheet in with me, and the techs took Connor, the sheet, and the empty box of D-Con away to meet the vet.

Two hours, $300 (and a bad case of the shakes) later the vet told me that I did every thing right to save Connor's life. I will have to give him Vit K and watch him carefully for the next 30 days, but he should be okay.

My lesson learned is that no matter how safe I think a new enviroment may be, I still should keep my dog at my heel when I am not watching him like a hawk.

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