Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Foster - Marisela needs a forever home! What About Yours?

Written by Marisela's Foster Mom

Marisela will have been here a year at the end of November. When she came here she was scared and had some horrible skin problems. What a difference her time with us in foster care has made! Her skin may be about as good as it gets. Two vets have said she will not grow hair where her skin is black. Miss Marisela is continuing, slowly but surely, to grow more hair where she had none. She is getting along well with my dogs. She's really and truly ready for her own home. She deserves to be settled with someone who will love her for who she is. She's got the most adorable little smile with her missing bottom teeth.

With Halloween coming up I decided to kind of 'punk' her hair to get her some well deserved attention. The writeup has been changed for the website and I had to choose my favoritee of the photos attached...which was doggone hard. We took about a zillion photos because the little rascal likes to turn her head.

Someone was kind enough to write a poem that will go up in two weeks and then I'll do a new writeup in two more weeks. I'm going to do my best to get this sweet girl the forever home she deserves!

Ode to Marisela

I would be tickled PINK to have my own forever home! I must admit thatI'm a special girl. I'm not perfect, my body is not beautifult owards my tail.

Are YOU perfect? If you're not perfect perhaps you could look past my imperfections and love me the way I am??? Could you? I don't have along list of requirements. I do NOT need a bath every week as the vet said I don't have yeasty skin.

I would just **adore** a couple of walks a day. They don't even need to be very long, although if you want to go for a long walk I'd keep right up with you.

Do you sit on the couch and watch TV in the evenings? I would just love to lie there with you! You wouldn't need to buy me toys, I don't chew on anything, I don't even bark much (now Foster Mama is trying to remember the last time I DID bark)., but I would love to be your best buddy!

I'm a very, very good girl. I was really hesitant about letting foster mama put that stuff on my hair.....but I really needed to catch your attention. I hopeI have your attention now. My skin was damaged several years ago and our vet said that I'll never grow hair back there.

But then the vet before this said I would never grow hair and I now have more hair than she thought Iwould ever get. Foster Mom will send some pajamas with me and my food dish when I get adopted.

She thinks I look really cute in pajamas and I don't mind if she puts them on me. I'm a bit nervous of other dogs as I was attacked before I got here. I don't mind living with Gilly and Janna and Georgie was just fine with me, too.

None of them came and bothered me. Foster Mama gasped one day when Janna was running when we were outside and she ran right smack into me. I said nothing because thatdidn't bother me.

Only if a dog wants to get 'in my face' and bother me would I get upset. I'm really a live and let live kind of gal....well,other than with chipmunks and squirrels outside. I would love to get at those little critters. I would do my very best to keep you safe fromthose pesky rascals!

Well, I hope I've said enough. I hope you'll ask your MatchMaker if you can talk to my Foster Mama. She would be glad to talk to you about me. Remember I would be tickled pink to get my own Forever home. Will it be with YOU?

If you would like to know more about her and her journey in foster care, please click here.

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