Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kubbi is a CP Hero Cairn!!

Submitted by Kubbi's proud mom and grateful neighbor

Kubbi and his niece, Phoenix (a rescue chinese crested from a puppy mill)

We've gotten permission to share a wonderful story about a Col. Potter Cairn. Joan adopted Kubbi from Col. Potter in Feb. 2005. On Oct 15th, 2010, he made her very proud. Here is the story Joan sent us.

I was so proud of Kubbi on Wednesday night. It was cold and early evening and Kubbi was on the deck. He was barking and I yelled at him to stop. He had his paws up on the deck and was staring at my neighbor's house and barking. As soon as I left he started again. I again went to the deck where he was barking and staring at my neighbors house and picked him up. I then heard my neighbor yelling for help. He is 88 years old and lives alone. He had fallen off his deck and was flat on his back in the bushes. He had been calling for help for 15 minutes. John and I ran over and called his daughter, 911, etc. But, we have taken to calling Kubbi, the hero.

Update - My neighbor is back home from the hospital. Has a walker and a lifeline. Hurt his shoulder and had a slight concussion in the fall. Needs nursing home. Relatives dont live that close. They are trying to talk him into it. John and I agreed to be a contact on Lifeline. Joan

Note from CP Blogger: Joan is one of our CP volunteers from since around 2005 and faithfully searches for cairns in need on PetHarbor. We're very proud of this boy too.


calliopecairns7 said...

YEAH KUBBI - today little man, you are everyone's hero!!!! Auntie Amy

Bridget Alexander said...

You go Kubbi! Kubbi was a foster of mine and when Joan came to pick him up for adoption, it was love at first sight! Luv ya' little hero man!
Foster mom Bridget Alexander, Williamsburg, VA