Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remie's Pups are Growing and we have Pictures!

Contributed by Remember's (Remie's) Foster Mom

The babies are doing well - we have advanced from

Dylan ( 4 oz ) to ( 6 oz) 10/6/10

Hope ( 6 oz ) to ( 8 oz) 10/07/10

Sirius ( 4 oz ) to ( 7 OZ) 10/07/10

Yesterday, Hope's little belly was about to bust from eating so much, the girl is not missing a meal! And she always seems to be off on an adventure to the corner of the whelping box. The boys stick pretty close to Mom.

Remember is not leaving the babies - period - all potty breaks are on pads in the bathroom in the whelping room suite. She is being a fantastic Mom. Enjoy the pictures!

Proud Mama

Sirius, Hope and Dylan


Dylan Ray

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