Friday, October 8, 2010

Remie's Pups are the SARS Brigade and we have pictures of Mom and pups!

Contributed by Remie's Foster Mom

Remember's group was taken in on the Anniversary of 9-11, and the group was named 911 Remembered. In keeping with that theme, the pups are named for the SARS (Search and Rescue) dogs that were so very important during the search and rescue phase after the attack.

Please welcome Remie's SARS BRIGADE !

Kinsey Hope ( 5 oz) born at 2:30 am
Dylan Ray (4 oz) born at 1:30 am
Sirius Dausen (4 oz) born at 11:30 pm!

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Jay said...

She looks very pleased and proud. 3 perfect pups will be a lasting reminder of Remember's breeding days that will now be behind her. Thanks foster mom for helping her with this important task.