Sunday, October 3, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Most of us have cute, affectionate, "pet" names for our furkids - Terms of Endearment. These are the lucky, spoiled rotten furkids that rule our roost and have us wrapped around their little Cairn paws. But for many Cairns, they've never known a name much less been called by a Term of Endearment.

Well, that's all changed now for these four little Cairns who made their way to the CP family this weekend! Their names are all Terms of Endearment:

Affection: Female, born 9/9/02, wheaten (when her hair grows back out)

Desire: Female, born 8/8/08, wheaten

Ecstasy: Male, estimated at 3 years old, wheaten


Passion: Male, estimated at 2-3 years old, light wheaten

Terms of Endearment are enjoying the comforts at our vet, getting plenty of love and learning their names of endearment. We desperately need foster homes as there are even more waiting at the gate for a chance at freedom. If you are able to open your heart and your home to a little Cairn - remember it only takes space for one more crate on the floor and one more food dish on the counter to save a life - please fill out the foster home application online.

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