Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cleva has arrived at her foster home!

Written by Cleva's foster mom

Cleva arrived this weekend. Cleva stayed the night with Pk before coming here and she had the same first impression as as I do. Cleva is 13 yrs young, a very confused little girl, when she first arrived she wandered the yard and house, whining and coming back looking at me with the look of Why am I here????? When I first met her, all the way home, ok half the way home, Cleva told me her whole life story. Cleva also told me how thankful she was that Col. Potter took her in, she wants to thank PK, for letting her stay the night, and the transport coordinator and drivers.

This is a picture of Miss Cleva, See still seems confused, walks around crying, Then she comes and sits on my lap, and talks to me, still with the Question - why??? Then she will settle down for a while and go into her house (crate) to bury a biscuit for later.

Cleva is a senior girl being fostered in New Jersey. If you click here you can check all of the cairns that we have available for adoption.

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