Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hector is settling in at his foster home!

Contributed by Hector's foster mom

He's a real beauty....very friendly, tiny, and VOCAL....with a high pitched bark. He's in in his ex-pen apartment now with a cozy blankie, some toys, and his water bowl and seems to be calming down some now..poor guy, we're his 5th place in 2 weeks. Cassie & Hunter are curious, but no interaction is being allowed yet as he has just arrived.

Hector took a walk, leashed and did his business nicely outside.

After several days of being able to see and smell each other but not interact with each other, we made cautious introductions this evening with Cassie & Hunter and Hector....all good so far, no snapping, snarling, or tendencies toward fighting to be seen. We're not going to stress everyone out for long and will ex-pen Hector again shortly Right now they are all napping. Hector is still being evaluated in his foster home and he will be available for adoption soon.

Note from CP Blogger: Col. Potter has volunteers from coast to coast and in Canada, so many of our rescued cairns are transported and fostered far from the place where they were rescued.

Please click here if you would like to volunteer to help CP help these cairns. Volunteers are needed to transport, foster, search ads for cairns in need, help in promotions - if you have a desire to help, we can find an area that fits your schedule. Thank you for considering this.

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