Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Hard To Bite With A Squirrel Clamped Firmly In Your Jaws! CP's Sibley finds her inner cairn...

Submitted by Sibley's forever mom
(via her former foster mom)

This was so funny,... but when did I start thinking dead squirrels are funny. sigh. I only wish you could have seen it. Sib has the grip of death (even for a piece of poop), and she was very reluctant to give that squirrel up, as in 'make my day'. She snarled and growled loudly but did not bite, I think it's hard to bite with a squirrel clamped firmly in your jaws, and her heart is not really into biting her moms anyway.

I heard the barking, and then heard the squirrel squealing, and I expected to walk out and see Yams with another trophy (she bagged her 5th just the other day). But no, there they all were, Yams, Parker, and Patt watching Sibley with the squirrel in her mouth. I got there just in time to see Sib give it a mighty shake and that was that. Sib tried to walk away from me but I picked her up kind of hoping she'd drop it, but she didn't. I stood on the patio for a few minutes, holding dog-with-squirrel-in-mouth and finally called Lynn who was in the house getting ready for work. She came out and saw the situation and immediately went back in the house to get her camera. You know the rest.

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