Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Marisela wants a HOOOMMMMEEEEE!!

Contributed by Mari's foster mom

Here I am all dressed up in my mink collar with my beautiful pearl necklace looking for an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner and of course, a HOME for Thanksgiving. Foster Mama says I look beautiful and I'm such a good girl. But I haven't gotten any invitations and I am getting very sad. Won't you invite me into your home and your heart?? I will love you forever!

My poor sweet little Mari so wants her own Forever Home. She's going to great lengths to try to get some attention.

Marisela is being fostered in Ohio. She is a sweet girl and would love to be part of your life. Won't you consider offering her your forever home? Click here to learn more about her and the other cairns that are available for adoption.

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