Monday, November 29, 2010

Reflections on adopting an older dog...Wesson (RB)

Written by Wesson's adoptive mom

Since it is senior month, I have to say a little on the subject since it makes me think of my special angel Sparky/Wesson at the Bridge. I took Wesson in as a foster knowing she was coming to me for a little love and dignity before helping her to the Bridge. She had spent 11.5 years in a puppy mill and when she arrived I could see her little body was so broken and fragile. But after only one day, I saw something else as well. Wesson's soul was strong.....perhaps what helped her survive so long in the mill. As the days went by I could see Wesson had no intention of giving up quite yet.

In fact I found Wesson to have a strength and attitude that was inspiring. I eventually adopted her, not knowing if she had much time left or not, but I really did not care. She was my determined inspiration and I wanted her to be my girl for as long as she could stay. Wesson did not ask for much....a soft bed, lots of food and some scritches. She did require a lot of care for her skin, eyes, and ears and had potty accidents, but even with all health needs she gave back so much more. Every time I looked into her beautiful eyes, I could see her wise old soul and the young sassy cairn of her youth. One of my favorite memories is of Wesson strutting across the yard with her tail held high as if she owned the world.

So many people are afraid to take a chance on a senior....afraid they won't be around long and it will break their heart to love them. You can lose a loved one at any age....I have lost several friends and our cairn heart boy way too young. If I had known I would lose them too soon, would I have not wanted them in my life? Not a chance. My life is richer for having known and loved them even for a short time.

Rogers, AR

Seniors have a special place in my heart....four and two legged. They have paid their dues and deserve no less consideration and perhaps even more.

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Jay said...

Very nice Lori. Well said.