Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sadie's hole to China-Video of Cairns Digging!

Contributed by Sadie's Mom

I was standing at my kitchen window this afternoon, looking at the BRISK Fall scenery. Furkids just came back in from a trip out as it was time for the high school kids to start appearing, and here comes two high school boys down the alley (don't understand why they can't walk down one of the sidewalks on the front sides of the houses). They're obviously talking about my dogs not being out, looking towards the house (Jilleen has sounded the alarm, so maybe they could hear her barking at them), and they get to the end of our lot where the digging corner is at and slow down and start pointing and laughing.

My diggers (mainly Sadie and Kassidy with the help of Crescent and Norrie brother Oliver & Sebastian) have really enjoyed the extremely dry weather we've had for the last month or so and have some BIG, LONG, DEEP holes - big enough that you only see the Norrie boy's eartips when they jump down/in. They really got a kick out of seeing those holes, and I really got a kick out of standing here watching their reaction! Barney fills them in, but it's so dry the kids quickly have them dug back out again.

I sure am glad we set up this digging area - it's a blast to watch them go to town out there and do what comes natural, dirt just flying behind them! I went out and took a short video after Barney got home so you could see how well my kids love their digging area. It's too bad you really can't tell the depth of these holes on the video.

Note from CP Blogger- we are including "How to build a digging area" - We had actually hauled in sand, bucket by bucket from a creek bank about 12 miles away, so when we peeled the sod up when we set up the digging area, we put the sand down 3-4 inches thick. So as he's been filling in holes, it's been with a sand/dirt mixture he's just raked back in. This time we're going to have to do some excavating with shovels to get some of the humps leveled back out, plus bring some more sand or dirt back in - a big bunch of it has been flipped into the grassy part of the yard and into the mulched area around the bushes that we planted a few years ago . Oh, and carried back into the house on the dogs. Kind of makes me giggle 'cause I think of the Great Escape where they carried the tunnel dirt outside in sleeves they'd made in their pantlegs. We find it everywhere! Filling in with bags of cheap topsoil is a good idea. Then we can top it back off again with sand. The county road crew came and moved the sand bar we'd been working off - it had appeared after a hard flooding rain right along a county road.

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