Friday, November 12, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

We all know that Col. Potter is much more than just a rescue organization ... we are family. We are there for each other when there's a loss in the family. We are there for each other when there's an illness in the family. We are there for each other when someone needs a lift, needs a hand, needs a friend. But mostly we are there for the Cairns, the little furkids, who without CP would have nowhere to go, would not get their chance at freedom and their happily ever after. Col. Potter's Family Ties are deep and strong ...

Four little Cairns were part of a different type of family with much different ties to each other. Circumstances had changed and there were two options for these four little Cairns, find someone else to take them, or they would be put to sleep. There were no other rescue options for these four where they were located and their prospects did not look good. Enter Col. Potter and thanks to a new volunteer driving more than 7 hours round trip and another volunteer driving more than 5 hours round trip, these four little Cairns now have Family Ties and are being embraced by the loving arms of Col. Potter.

They also carry the donated names by other members of the CP Family -- again more Family Ties:

Nancy Clare - Female, wheaten, 7 years old - named in memory of Kitty K's late sister.

Phoebe Rebecca - Female, black brindle, 5 years old - recently underwent surgery to remove her left eye due to an injury - donated by Dave U.

KPax - Male, black brindle, 5 years old - named in honor of our own Karen P. to brighten her day with the healing spirit of the title character in the movie K-Pax by an anonymous donor.

Maestro Billy - M, wheaten, 5 years old - named in memory of Marie G's father (Bill) who conducted his own orchestra in the 1950's and her very first dog, a pet store mutt.

We still are very short on foster homes. With the holidays fast approaching, we always have a lack of foster homes to go around. There are more little Cairns waiting at the gate for their chance to be part of the CP Family. Will we be able to open the gate and let them in? Only if we have the foster homes and resources for them. PLEASE, if you are considering becoming a foster home, fill out our application online today. The calendars and cookbooks are available for purchase.

The holidays are a time for Family ... let's not leave any out in the cold ...

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