Thursday, November 11, 2010

WellPet® Donates Pet Oxygen Masks to Boston Fire Department

Press Release

Today the Boston Fire Department received a donation of 60 Pet Oxygen Masks to be placed on every engine, ladder and rescue truck in Boston. These specially sized masks will enable firefighters to deliver oxygen to pets in need and in some cases save their lives.

The Pet Oxygen Masks are being donated by Tewksbury, MA-based WellPet®, makers of the premium natural pet food brands Wellness®, Old Mother Hubbard®, Eagle Pack® and Holistic Select®, which donated 35 masks; and the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association, which donated 25 masks.

“The wellbeing of pets is at the heart of all we do at WellPet. That’s why we do whatever it takes to make the healthiest natural foods for the pets who depend on us and give us unconditional love, trust and companionship,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, Marketing Communications Manager of WellPet. “We’re proud to donate these pet oxygen masks to the Boston Fire Department so that the city’s firefighting heroes have the tools they need to save the lives of every member of our families, including our pets.”

“The Fire Department does an outstanding job protecting the residents of Boston. These mask kits will give them the tool they need to protect our pets, which are also a part of many Boston families. I appreciate the generosity of WellPet and the MVMA in helping us better serve our city,” said Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

“It is great to have responsible partners like Wellpet and the MVMA sponsor this project,” stated Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser, “This will allow us to provide a better service to the community and save the lives of pets that otherwise might not have been helped without the availability of these kits.”

The MVMA Charities, Inc. established the Pet Oxygen Mask program only one year ago and to date have outfitted over 130 fire departments throughout the state. The goal is to supply every city and town in the Commonwealth with at least one Pet Oxygen Mask kit. “We are proud to be able to outfit 25 fire engines in the City of Boston with these kits and hope that by making such a large contribution to Boston we save the lives of animals in an emergency situation,” stated Sue Curtis, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association.

(Tewksbury, MA – September 29, 2010)

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