Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 ways to take special care of your pet this holiday season

from ASPCA

1. Pick pet treats and toys with care.

If your pet is on your gift list, pick items designed for pets that can’t be swallowed or torn apart. Small parts or ripped pieces can cause choking or get lodged in your pet’s digestive tract. Puzzle toys stuffed with treats for dogs or interactive toys for cats are smart choices.

2. Create a quiet space for your pet.

The holidays can be noisy and chaotic for everyone. Your pet may appreciate a nice, warm, and quiet place to get away from it all. Set up a corner or a small room with your pet’s favorite blanket, toy, and a bowl of water where they can snuggle and relax.

3. Take care of less fortunate animals

While you’re giving your pet some special care, don’t forget about less fortunate dogs and cats who don’t have loving homes. Consider contributing your time, or supplies to your local shelter. This is a good activity to share with your children also.

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