Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside - 6 more cairns rescued!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Baby, It's Cold Outside, but SIX cairn kids are now warm and safe. Six cairns that have had short but difficult lives.

Once again this week, CP has taken on a lot by saying yes to the unknown. Again, the luckiest outcome for these little ones!

Three adult females, ages one, two and four. Breeder mommas.
Three babies: two boys, one girl. All less than 5 months.

Our rescue angel picked up these kids late last week. Right away she could tell that one little pup was not feeling well at all. She could see that this baby had badly infected eyes and hair loss, but she sensed that more was wrong. Little Flurry could not relax, could not rest or settle herself. She tried, but was only able to rest her nose on the bedding- propping her head at an odd angle. Our angel reached into the crate to comfort her, and Flurry rested her tiny head in her hand. Right away, she new there was a problem. Flurry's bottom jaw was very swollen. She had felt this before, her gut told her it was the same. She immediately suspected Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO) or as its commonly known: Lion Jaw. It made sense: terrible pain, swollen jaw, inability to get comfortable due to the pain. Her heart broke, knowing this baby was suffering, and until this minute had suffered alone. No human kindness or caring. No medication to relieve the pain and swelling. No soft bedding to relax her head on when she needed to rest. She rushed little Flurry right to the vet for exam. Her worst fear was confirmed: Lion Jaw.

Click here for more information on Lion Jaw.

Complicating little Flurry's treatment is the diagnosis of Demodectic mange. This type of mange is not contagious, it is a condition that generally affects dogs with weakened immune systems. The treatments for both Demodectic mange and Lion Jaw are opposite--you treat Lion Jaw with prednisone, but you DO NOT treat Demodectic mange with that drug. So our vets are currently researching the best plan to help her get some relief.

The other five cairns will be evaluated and given all vaccines and testing this week. The adults will be spayed and have dentals if needed. Given Flurry's condition, we can expect at least some of the others to need more than the usual vet care. Any medical conditions will be treated, and no longer will they suffer without help.

These babies will be ready to move to their foster homes. We are in desperate need for foster homes. If you can open your home to a CP kid, please visit the CP website and fill out the application. We can't help them if don't have a safe place for them!

Please help welcome:

Igloo- Female - 2 years

Snowflake- Female - 4 years

Sleigh- Female - 1 year

Jack Frost- Male - 4 months

Icicle- Male - 3 months

Flurry- Female - 4 months

Thank you CP and our rescue Angel for getting these kids to safety and closer to a wonderful forever!

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