Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Miracles in Ohio! CP Fosters Mari and Missy make great strides!

Contributed by Mari and Missy's foster Mom

Missy snuggles up to Mari

Mari and Missy

Gilly on Mari

Mari is making huge strides all of a sudden. I guess Missy kind of broke the ice and showed her that other dogs close to her can be okay. She wanted up in my chair with me the other evening (this is very rare, she's more a couch girl than a chair girl normally) so I picked her up. Later Gilly jumped up next to the chair and eventually situated himself so that his butt was resting on top of Mari's butt. That never could have happened a year ago. Later Missy crawled in the big bed with Mari when Janna barked.After a while she was not only IN the bed but all cuddled up close to Mari. I don't think this could have happened a year ago either. Mari is wearing the pink jammies and Missy is wearing red/white/blue.

Mari will still crinkle her lip when Alan is giving out treats if Mari and Missy BOTH put their feet up on him while standing right next to each other. Mari thinks that she's the only one allowed to do that. But all Alan does is push them both off and Mari is okay.

Both Mari (Marisela) and Missy (Tinker) are being fostered in Ohio. Please click here to learn more about them.

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