Thursday, December 23, 2010


Written by CPs VP of Intakes

It's that time of the year when children's eyes are bright, their smiles are wide and they are filled with anticipation because they "Believe" in the magic of the season. As we grow older and become adults, we discover the "Believing" and magic are the result of loving, caring hearts of our family and friends for the children and those in need.

At Col. Potter, we like to "Believe" and bring the magic of rescue and freedom throughout the year to each of the furkids that become a part of the Col. Potter Family. We are a large family, numbering more than 800 strong and so we have been able to grow over the past few years to help more than 400 Cairns each year and this year appears to be no different. We have some incredible volunteers who generously give of their time, their talents and financially. However, the workload is great and the need is greater. We need more people, more volunteers to become actively involved, to work on teams, basically, to put their money where their mouth is, but in this case, put their time and talents to work to help the furkids.

No matter what your talents or the amount of time you have to give, we have a job to fit. We have a great need on the Transport Team, not for drivers, although they are always most welcome, but for volunteers to help coordinate the actual transport. We can't bring furkids in if we can't get them moved to their foster home. No particular talents are needed, just "Believing" you can help and make magic in moving a furkid.

Two furkids joined the Col. Potter Family yesterday. It will take a little time for them to "B"elieve and understand the magic that is freedom, but one day in the not too distant future, their eyes too will be bright, they will have a smile on their faces and they will be filled with anticipation as they find the perfect forever home.

Both of them are named from our Name a Cairn Program:

Bute: 1 year old, male, brindle - named by the Vancouver Island Group, Iris A, Iona T., Geraldina S, Allison S, BJ A and Mike L who continue to save their coins for Cairns - named for an inlet off Vancouver Island

Boscar: 6 year old, male, brindle - named in honor of Fay C's much loved cat

Do you "B"elieve? Will you help bring magic and freedom to other little Cairns by jumping in and volunteering. "B"elieve me, you will never regret getting actively involved ... just look at the faces of Bute and Boscar ...

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