Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CP foster Sarut begins her journey to better health - Video!

Contributed by Sarut's foster mom

Little Sarut is still at the vet. She will be spayed on Monday and then come home with me to foster. She is on medication to try and save her eyes. They do not want to remove the bad one if they don't have to. Since I will be fostering her and the vet is about 20 minutes away we think she should get the proper care needed. The same vet will be working with her from start to finish and they think this will work out for the best.

I know you can't really see her eyes in this video but it shows she is feeling much better. I took this just a couple of days ago at the vet office

Note from Blogger: Sarut is being fostered in Texas and we all hope that she will be able to keep both of her eyes.

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