Friday, December 31, 2010

CP's Foster Kisu has arrived!

Written by Kisu's foster Mom

Little Kisu arrived here Monday. Her ears are bare and black, as is her tummy. Kisu has other bare spots as well and is very itchy. She is thin, but has a great appetite. She loves her treats of boiled egg and anything else foster mom and dad offer. Kisu still had her spay stitches in and she was as still as a mouse while foster dad held her while I removed them. I plan to give her a soothing bath today, so hope she is as cooperative for that.

It is amazing that after all Kisu has been through, she is the sweetest little girl. She wags her tail for either Mike or I and loves getting any attention. She has also shown a playful side and shown some interest in toys and killing her blanket:) We have not heard a peep out of her sound wise. Not on the drive home or even when all my kids barked "who is the new kid?".

I have orders from Foster Dad that I must take weekly pictures to show her progress. She is being fostered in Arkansas. After she has her 2 week evaluation period, you can read about her on the CP website.

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