Sunday, January 2, 2011

Flurry Update

Contributed by Flurry's foster mom

As most of you know I was the lucky "bidder" to get tiny little Flurry to foster, who came into CP with demodectic mange, an impressive CMO jaw, double ear infections and as I discovered a nasty anal abscess.

It's been a busy week for tiny Flurry who weighs all of 6.5 lbs, taking her meds, going to the vet, getting tubbies ( to remove the stink ) and acclimating to the pack at my home. She has come through with FLYING colors. She is a little trooper and just the sweetest little girl. The abscess has been taken care of, her ears are healing up nicely, the mange is under control, her hair loss due to it is starting to grow back, so we will just have to deal with the CMO flare ups until she is over it. When she is pain free, she is a little scamp and gives Kowalski who is twice her size, a run for the money. When she is uncomfortable, she will just plop down in the doggie bed and look absolutely pathetic, but once she has her anti-inflammatory medicine, she is happy once again and giving Kowalski the business.

Just wanted everyone to know, she is doing really well, she's happy, eating like a horse and pooping like and elephant!

Happy New Year to All !!!

Note from Blogger: Flurry is being fostered in Rhode Island. Please click here to learn more about her and the other cairns available for adoption.

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