Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sarut needs Guardian Angels! Won't you consider becoming one?

Written by Sarut's foster mom

I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart Merry Christmas. Without all of you Sarut probably would not have lived to see this Christmas. Sarut is warm and safe. We have put her on the web site as a guardian angel girl. My Christmas Present to myself will be to become a guardian angel for this precious little one. Here is what I wrote for her...

Sarut needs your help. She has not had an easy start to life. In her 6.5 years on this earth so far she has known nothing but filth, cruelty and abuse. Her tiny 12 pound body endured more than it's share of neglect. Sarut is in danger of losing both her eyes. She is currently on expensive medication to try and save them. Sarut had a dental when she was spayed and besides the 5 missing teeth she had already she had 17 more extracted and is on pain medication for this. As if her emancipated body had not had enough hardship she also has mange and is being treated for that. This little girl is a fighter and wants to live a good life. She can't do that without your help, won't you please consider becoming a guardian angel for Sarut or you can click the chip in link on the top of this page. Thank you for your kind words, prayers and donations for this girl.

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