Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sealed With A Kiss

Written by a CP Intakes Volunteer

Please help welcome the "Sealed with a Kiss" kids:

SUUDELLA. Female, estimated 6 1/2 years (mom to Fili)

FILI. Male, estimated 20 days

SARUT. Female, estimated 6 1/2 years

HALIK. Female, estimated 8 years

KISU. Female, estimated 5 1/2 years

BACIO. Female, estimated 2 years

We've all seen many intake pictures of our cairns that have come to us from bad breeding facilities, hoarders, seizures and shelters. We've seen the horror that these little ones have endured at the hands of humans.

Many of us have been involved with Col. Potter for a long time and think that we have seen it all. I have done Intakes for almost 6 years now and often think I have seen it all. Then suddenly the universe shows me that for all I think I know, there are horrors beyond my comprehension.

This weekend has shown that once again.

Intakes was contacted by a shelter for help with 6 of 12 cairns they received through a seizure. Half of the cairns were considered adoptable through their facility. The other six were not adoptable due to "being severely matted and having skin conditions due to neglect of grooming". Surely understandable, if a dog doesn't "look" good, the general adoptive population most likely won't consider that dog as a new family member. CP has seen a large number of cairns with skin issues and coat issues due to poor living conditions and that is not anything of major concern.

Intakes received approval to take the six, despite how full CP is right now with cairns. That decision was truly a blessing for these six.

Once we had approval and began working with the shelter, we found out that we were in for MUCH more than we expected. One of the six was a 20 day old pup and his mom. One "might" be pregnant. One had an eye that "might need to be removed". All were so malnourished that they gorged when given food. They most likely had never seen that much food in front of them at one time.

We arranged to have the six picked up, with emergency transport of mom and pup directly to a foster home that could isolate them. We don't ever know what illness might be picked up at a shelter, or what illness a dog from a seizure might be carrying, but we do not want a 20 day old pup at a vet.

The other four were taken directly to our vet for evaluation, vaccines, testing, medication for infection, spays, dentals, and boarding for a week. Our version of a spa treatment.

When these four reached the safety of the vet, the vet tech picked up the first girl, carried her to the tub, and began bathing her--sobbing the entire time. She continued her work, one by one, bathing each gently, sobbing through it all.

These are little ones that know only horror in life. They know starvation, thirst, filth and loneliness. Mama Suudella gave birth, starving, tired, thirsty, alone; certainly without any reserves to get through pregnancy and birth.

Yet, when you look at their pictures, after you notice their physical state and dry your eyes, go back and look at their eyes. I do believe there is hope in those eyes. They have not given up on us yet, despite only knowing the dark side of humans. They are going to give us another chance. A chance to show the bright, loving, nurturing side of humans.

Col. Potter has taken on a lot in saying yes to these little cairns. Given their medical needs, this will be hard on CP financially. All four have already needed medical testing beyond what we normally do for new kids. We won't know the full need medically until all tests are done, all results are in, but we know for sure it won't come cheap.

How can we help offset this strain so that CP can continue to help the most needy? Consider donating to the Name a Rescue Cairn program or become a Foster Grandparent to one of these kids, or make a donation of any amount - every single dollar helps!! If you can open your home as a foster parent, that too would be a way for CP to be able to continue its work. We can only say yes if we have a place for each cairn!

We have made a promise to these babies, that we will do all in our power to give them what they need: recovery and a loving happy forever. Never another day hungry, or filthy, or alone. Never another day feeling sick, weak, ill without anyone caring.

We seal that promise with a kiss.

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Kisses to each of you as you get strong and healthy on the road to your new life!**

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