Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Update on Sarut and Halik

Written by Sarut and Halik's foster mom

Just a quick update on Sarut and Halik.

Sarut is a survivor and although she is and always will be a special girl, she is holding her own at the moment and we are treating her eyes as aggressively as we are able at this time before she returns to the vet to see if she will be able to keep both. We have found out that Sarut loves cheese and will gobble down any pills I give her as long as they are covered in that yellow gooey goodness.

Halik, the 8 yr old girl who I am fostering as well and came from the same place as Sarut, is doing better. She is done with her antibiotics and we think any problems from her infected uterus, infected eyes, infected ears and infected mouth are behind her. A visit to the vet will hopefully confirm this, these girls need all the breaks they can get after living the horrible life they have had to live so far.

Thank you my family so much for your help and huge support for Sarut and Halik.

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