Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CP's foster puppy Dylan says " Hey! Where's my 'furebber' home?"

Written by Dylan's foster mom

Dylan started out life a few hours before his brother and sister,, making his birthday a day earlier. But! he was the smallest and was NOT TOO PLEASED to have been shoved out quite so soon by them! He came out fiesty and ready to make sure no one pushed him around again! As he got a bit older it was quite obvious that the silly boy needed a bit of Old fashioned BILOXI BOOT CAMP FOR WAYWARD FURBUTTS. His brother and sister have already been adopted and he is ready now for YOU to give him a forever home !

After a week of working for all his meals , nose tumps, and lots of time on his back, he began to see the error of his ways.

Today he is a funny little boy who loves playing with the new kitten and cuddling with the older one! He still has a few relapses into Mr Mouth,, but a gentle reminder or thump on the nose quickly stops that.

He is smart ! He learns really well! He has learned to sit for his treats and not include your fingers!

And he is A DADDY'S BOY! Nothing makes him happier than to sit in the recliner with DAD! and watch TV!

He will come to Bill in a nano second and to me,, well,,, like a stubborn little boy! ehehehehehe!

He sleeps in his crate all night and gleefully wakes you rattling the door! LET ME OUT!

He is being fostered in Mississippi and you can click here to learn more about him.

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