Saturday, January 22, 2011

CP's foster puppy Fili and the Norrie boys!

Written by Fili and Suudella's foster mom

Best Buddies Fili and Oliver

Fili wrestling with Sebastian

Fili and Oliver wrestling

Fili playing tug of war with Sebastian

Tonight while Suudella was in the den and Fili was in the ex pen in the family room, Oliver kept going over and pushing himself up against the ex pen, even putting one front foot in so Fili could chew on him. He has just been captivated by little Fili. So I picked him up and put him in the pen with him. Oliver was so cute, his little stub of a tail going ninety miles an hour. He let Fili chew all over on him, climbing on him, chewing on his cheeks. I was just about in tears watching these two play. I think they were together for an hour before Ollie finally came to the gate and nosed it, satisfied he'd worn his new little buddy out with all their wrestling. I put Sebastian in for a few minutes of play - his play was a little rougher than his brother's as his brother has always been the one to pick on him a little too roughly. But he picked up a toy and wanted to play with Fili with the toy instead of being chewed on like Oliver let him do.

This is really funny as Oliver and Sebastian were a little scared of the girl puppies we've had here - Circle and Cube wanted to run and chase, and Virgo - she was a little tomboy that actually could get the best of them and have them running with tails tucked to us for protection! LOL They seem to know Fili is a little guy that needs to be played with gently, and they let him explore them, chewing all over them. He's supposed to be nine weeks old today, but he seems more immature than that. He weighs a little over 3#, which compared to Stinger's babies is a couple weeks behind in weight. But he's gaining a couple of ounces a day and has a little belly on him. He's got the prettiest big eyes, and where he lost his coat to the sarcoptic mange, he's got nice harsh coat coming in (all except for the backside of his tail which is still bare ).

I've got to get some good picturess of Suudella - she seems to cower when she knows the camera is out. Her bare spots are almost gone, with a layer of new fuzzy stuff coming in all over. She's looking lighter than I expected - I thought she'd be coal black but may turn out to have quite a bit of silver on her. Her tail goes constantly when you're around her and talk to her, and when we let her in, she now comes running to the dog bed in the kitchen by my computer stool :-) She's spent some lap time the last couple of nights now that we're integrating them with the rest of the pack. She gets a little nervous when the pack is playful, so we're going slow with her so we don't overwhelm her. And Louisville is VERY interested in her and greets her with a harsh bark as he comes charging across the room. He's only being playful, but I think she sees him as a threat because he sounds so gruff and is such a big boy. I figure tonight while we had Fili out in the family room, Suudella probably stretched out in the den pen and took a long, uninterrupted nap with no puppy there to chew on her .

Fili and Suudella are being fostered in Missouri. They are not ready for adoption yet but you can learn more about them and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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